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2009-02-16 08:59:22 by DJ-Scorp

Hello all, I've been producing for about 4-5 years now in the genre's (Hard) Trance and Hardstyle. But I've actually never posted it somewhere, to let it hear to people.
So I have stumbled across this site, and I think it'll be suitable enough for me. So check my page often because I am submitting some loads here. ^^

Rob (DJ-Scorp).

17-02-09 EDIT:
I am looking for some more interesting pictures for my profile, and even a banner if posible.
If someone's interested to create it for me it would be awesome, you'll get credit for sure!
Thanks for the understanding.


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2009-02-22 04:28:28

Hey Rob. You said you wanted a nice banner so I made one for ya.
I think its alright, looks good on your page.

Think I might make a new one for mine.


Here it is. Enjoy. 79/screenk.jpg
Remove the spaces if you need to.

DJ-Scorp responds:

Sweet, that ones leet!! Thanks so much! ;)


2009-02-24 04:08:38

i can maek u one. but 1st do u have a proper logo?

DJ-Scorp responds:

You can make me a logo, I got the banner already, but yeah send me that one as well if I get bored of this one I'll swap it. ^^


2009-02-24 04:09:40

check the banner at my profile, with your logo superimposed, would look nicer. (:

DJ-Scorp responds:

That ones sick! ;D


2009-03-04 08:21:27

lol Qwamii's banner is madd. Maybe I should grab photoshop and make myself a new one :S


DJ-Scorp responds:

Haha, don't worry, I'll keep yours as well. ;)
I might switch them off sometimes to keep it original. :D


2009-03-05 04:11:33

Me. You. Milkshake. Sex. Now.

DJ-Scorp responds:

Me. Girlfriend. Sex. Already done.


2009-03-23 18:16:54

Lol, if u want, i can try to make something for you 2.